January 6, 2014
Number of discs: 1

Hostëria represents to us the true birth of the “Epic Casera Metal” sound, blending heaviness, fun, epicness and, of course, folk elements. It consists of four tracks, each one of them is a pedal-to-the metal rush. The EP opens with the furious, yet happy, “Casera Death Trip”, a true declaration of intent, then goes on with “Quest For Perfection” a pub-crawling (and live-favorite) anthem where salsa, country and power metal blend seamlessly in a pleasantly drunk mixture.

“Polenta & Dragon” delivers an uncanny mixture of epic and grotesque describing the struggle of the Alpago people against an abusive dragon dwelling in their beloved lake. Finally, Blood Stained Walls is an epic 9-minutes-long suite about the continuous flow of armies and battles our land witnessed over the centuries, spanning from gentle acoustic melodies to explosions of blind death-metal-fury.