Manere, Ombre, Briscole

October 15, 2015
Nadir Music
Producer: Tommy Talamanca
Number of discs: 1

Unleashed in the fall of 2015, Manere, Ombre, Briscole is the ultimate Epic Casera Metal statement: 9 neckbreaking tracks for 48 minutes of relentless speed/folk metal aggression. No ballads, no bullshit, just solid sweat-soaked metal. The album starts all beers blazing with an heavier-than-ever re-recording of Casera Death Trip, previously featured on the Hostëria EP, quickly followed by Freedom Tank, a dramatic tale of freedom, craft tanks, and sheer epicness that sets the “balls” level of the album to “more than a snooker marathon”. And that’s just the first nine minutes of the album!

Delivered with Tommy Talamanca’s signature dynamic production, Manere, Ombre, Briscole is a raw, uncompromised experience that will hit you like a drunken mountaneers posse and will have you coming back for more.