Malpaga Folk & Metal Festival

July 28, 2017
5:00 pm
Via Castello di Malpaga, 24050 Cavernago BG, Italia
Malpaga Folk & Metal Festival

This one is hardcore: Malpaga Folk & Metal Festival is probably the most resilient metal festival in Italy. Come hell and high water (they came indeed), Malpaga will stand tall, bigger and better every year.

The festival started in 2013 as a one-shot, single day, single stage, underground event and rapidly grew into a 3-days international folk metal jaggernaut, despite the many hardships faced over the years, including local protestants, storms, and floods.

This year the festival is back once more, and we will play on Saturday, the 28th of July along with Arcana Opera, ODR and Dalriada.

Chack it out, bang your head!